Comprehensive Veterinary Wellness & Sick Care


We are a new veterinary hospital in Athens focusing on PETCARE--positivity, empathy, trustworthiness, community, accountability, respect, and education. 

Our practice strives to bring a positive attitude and energy to our work every day. We treat our clients and pets as we want to be treated, showing kindness and empathy in all our interactions.  Honesty and integrity guide all our actions.  We hope to earn the trust of each of our clients and patients.


We aim to foster the respect of our community through outreach and goodwill.  We strive to be the solution in all situations, seeking answers for patients and solving crises for clients.  We work precisely and conscientiously to avoid mistakes.  We treat our clients, patients, and each other with respect, while continually seeking self education and offering client education.  We recognize our community responsibilities and aim to contribute to the overall health of our community and pets.  

Latest Clinic News:

It's Gettin' Hot Out There!


Be sure to remember your pets as the weather warms up!  

Heat stroke can happen quickly. Seek shade and water on hot days.  Remember, if the pavement is too hot to hold your hand on it, it's too hot for dog paws!

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